Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kamber's 5!!

I can't believe that my baby girl is 5!! It almost makes me want to cry. She is such a good girl. We are so happy that she is in our family. She is a little mother and loves to take care of her cousins Andrew and Hannah. She has even gotten VERY good at changing Hannah's diaper!!! She is definitely a girly girl, and I love it!!

I made her a Strawberry Shortcake cake this year. I think it turned out pretty good. She was very excited about it!

Make a wish and blow out the candles!! She blew them all out in one breath!!!

She got lots of gifts from her friends and family. She was very excited about and loved all of them. She even got earrings and a jewelry box because she got her ears pierced for her birthday from us.

She was very brave while she got her ears pierced. It was just before while she was sitting in the chair waiting that she got very nervous. She started crying and the lady piercing her ears told us that if she told her no at any point she couldn't continue. So, she got brave and sat very still for them. They did both ears at the same time. As soon as they did it, she said, "OUCH, hey, that didn't hurt so bad!" She has done a very good job twisting them and cleaning them. Now she asks me everyday when she can change them. I'm sure she'll change them many times each day, just like she does her clothes!!! I love you Kamber! Happy Birthday!!

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas this year. I didn't get too many pictures of Christmas day because I took a lot of video instead. This kids got to go and see Santa and tell him what they wanted.

In Rexburg at the same place Santa was there is a carousel and they gave free rides. The kids had so much fun and got to go on as many rides as they wanted. My nephew Kyle was with us and so were the Stokes and the Allens. Everyone had a great time together.

The kids got everything they asked Santa for. Boe asked for a Gameboy and Kamber asked for a purse. Good job this year Santa! ;)

Boe's Christmas Program

This is Boe and his good friend Troy. Boe has been so sad because he moved to California so he hasn't been around since this program. He was a really nice little boy and Boe really misses him.

This is my good friend Heather and me at the program. Kamber was taking pictures. I think she did a great job!

This is Boe and his class during the program. The lighting was horrible so it didn't turn out very good. Anyway, all the first grade classes sang and they each had memorized a Christmas poem thet they said together. They all did a really good job.

Ice Caves

Around Thanksgiving time, my Uncle Ron and Aunt Kathy came to be with their kids Cameron, his wife Nicole, and Brenton. Cameron told us about these ice caves and invited us to go with them to explore them. We weren't too sure about how Kamber would do, so her and I decided to skip it this time, and if Dan thought she could handle it, he would take us another time. It ended up being a blast. Dan and Boe absolutely loved it and decided Kamber would have been fine. He is going to take as again sometime (probably when it warms up a bit).

Kamber and I can't wait to get our chance to go. Thanks Cameron for opening our eyes to this great new adventure!!


I know I should of had these posted months ago, but better late than never, right? The kids had a great Halloween. They made a haul, and we had candy forever. I eventually threw it all away!

Kamber was tinkerbell and Boe was spiderman. It wasn't Boe's first choice but, he is so sweet and told me that since I had already bought it for him he would wear it. It turned out fine because there were 3 other spiderman costumes in his class the day he got to wear it to school. He thought that was great and it must not be a baby costume if other's in 1st grade were wearing it, too!!

We had our annual FHE carving pumpkins. They turned out great and we had a lot of fun!