Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Pictures

One of our friends took our pictures this year! They turned out sooooo good. We went down to the river bottoms near our house.

I took this picture and blew it up and got it in antique print. I love it. It looks great in my house.

Of course, we had to take some not so serious pictures, because, that's just us!!

I think the pictures of Boe and I and Dan and Kamber turned out very cute. I'm glad we took them that way.

This one of the kids was a fun one, too!
This is the other picture that I put on the wall. Thank you Mike for taking our pictures. We love them!!

Halloween at Harriman

Every year in Island Park at Harriman State Park they put on a Halloween Party for the kids. It was so much fun. We took a tractor-pulled hay ride up to a little village where the kids got to trick-or-treat at all the little houses. On the ride up there are lots of spooky things to scare you.

Of course, on the way up to Island Park we had to stop at Big Jud's and get some yummy food!

When we got there, everyone got in their costumes and got ready to have some fun!

This is our family waiting in line for the hay ride. I decided it would be too cold for the kids to wear their costumes, so I put some fairy wings on Kamber's coat and Boe had a stocking hat with a knife in it.
While we were walking around the village, we ran into this mummy!!! Kamber was a little scared at first, but the mummy was nice and let us take a picture with him.
It was a great time, and we will definately go again next year!!


Dan, my brother Shay and my cousin Cameron went hunting the first weekend of deer season. They didn't have any luck! We invited Cameron and Nicole over for dinner when the hunters got home and they brought dessert.They made a cake and brought lots of things for the kids to decorate it with.
If you notice, it is a hunting scene. It is the deer that got away!!
Cameron took the deer home after we ate the cake and told us that if he didn't get anything during deer season, he was going to mount this one on his wall. He didn't get one, so we'll need to go to his apartment and look for this one on the wall!! :)

Flag Football

Boe had so much fun playing flag football this year. He absolutely loved it. It was fun that Dan got to be his coach. He really learned a lot and had a great time.
My cousin Cameron and his wife Nicole came to one of his games. They are so much fun. They even made signs for Boe and for Dan so we could cheer for them. Boe saw the signs in the middle of his game and it really made his day! Thanks Cameron for your hard work! The signs looked great!!