Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We all had a great Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with Dan's family and then had the whole day on Christmas with just us. We had a great time, we even went to a movie which was a real treat for all of us.

Boe gave Kamber a princess cd player that you can sing along with. She thought it was great. He always knows what she likes best.

The only thing Kamber asked Santa for was a princess dress. He gave her a whole trunk full. She couldn't have been happier.

Grandma Clayson also gave Kamber a new dress. What a great Christmas for a 3-year old princess!

Santa gave Boe a new Ninja Turtle game for his PS2. We had to drag him away from it get dressed and to go to the movie. The second he got back, he was back at it. I guess it's ok to play it on Christmas as much as you want, but after that, there will definately have to be time limits.

Kamber gave Boe a bb gun for Christmas. When he wanted to go shoot it, I told him "You're going to shoot your eye out!" Actually he is very responsible with it and we have strict rules that he has to follow in order to shoot it. He had a great Christmas!

We definatly had a white Christmas. It snowed 12 inches on Christmas Eve and kept snowing all day on Christmas. It is so much fun to have so much snow! I hope all of you had a good a Christmas as we did!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

It's sooo much fun to have Grandma and Grandpa here. We carved pumpkins on Monday for FHE. We all had a great time and the pumpkins turned out spectacular!!

Let it Snow!

On October 4th we had a huge snowstorm. There was six inches of snow. My kids thought it was great to build a snowman in October! Kamber thought it was time for Christmas, not Halloween!

Here's a picture of the front of our house. I didn't post it with all the other pictures of my house.

Boe's Birthday

Boe had his 6th birthday on September 11. We let him invite one friend and they went to the Riot Zone.

The Riot Zone has a ton of blow-up toys for the kids to play on.

Riding the Go-Carts was Boe's favorite part.

They had the funnest paddle boats for the kids to play on.

They had a fun time playing miniature golf, too.

Monday, August 27, 2007

First day of school!

I can't believe that my baby is going to school! He was so excited. He gets to ride the bus. He wouldn't even let me take him to school for his first day because he wanted to take the bus. He went and had a great time. I was waiting for him to come home and the bus went flying by the house without stopping. I thought for sure he was going to be on the bus freaking out. I waited 20 minutes to see if the bus would come back and then I called the bus garage. They told me that his driver had been having some problems, so they dispatched her and she said that Boe was the boy she was having problems with because she didn't know where he lived and he didn't either. I gave them the address and she said he would be here soon. When Boe finally made it home, he was as happy as could be, even though I was almost in tears! He had no idea that anything had been wrong. I told him that he wouldn't always be the last one off the bus. He said, "I know that, we take turns. Sometimes I'll be first or second." I was so relieved that he wasn't freaking out. He has loved school and comes home everyday singing the fun songs he has learned and telling me all about his day.

New House

Well, I am finally getting around to posting on my blog. We moved to Rexburg a few weeks ago. Dan is going to be a teacher and the new wrestling coach at Madison High School. He is also helping with the freshman football team and will be the head freshman baseball coach. We actually moved to a little town about 7 miles south of Rexburg called Lyman. It is out in the country and we really like it here. We have painted every room and put new carpet and pergo in. It has been a lot of work, but worth it. The yard is completely weeds, so that is our next project. Hopefully we will get it done soon.

This is the view from our sliding glass doors in our kitchen. We love that you can't see any other houses. We are going to put in a sprinkler system and then hydroseed, so hopefully, this will all be beautiful green grass next year.

This is the living room when you first walk in the front door. Dan put in the archway that you can see in the corner. It really opened things up. He did a really good job.

Here's the kitchen/dining room. Shay came and helped us put in the pergo. It really made things look nice.

Boe and Kamber picked the colors for their rooms and helped paint. Boe's is blue and Kamber's is princess purple.

We put a new sectional in the family room. It has three recliners. We love to lounge in it and watch t.v.

Boe loves it because we made a little place for video games to be played at.

Kamber loves it because there is plenty of room for her to dance!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We had a ton of fun in Hawaii! I took all the same pictures as my mom and sister, so just check out their blogs to see all the fun things we did and get all the details! Thank you so much Travis and Shannon for letting us use your timeshare. It really made our trip the best it possibly could have been!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Kamber had her dance recital last night. She was so excited about it. One of my friends came over and did her hair. In Kamber's words "It looks so dang cute!"

All of the little girls were excited and anxious to get out there and show their friends and family how all of their hard work paid off.

Kamber did great! I was so worried about her just looking at the audience and not dancing. She actually looked at her teacher most of the time and did her routine very well.

After her recital she received some awards. One of our friends gave her this cute sucker necklace. I thought it was the cutest idea.

One of my friends little boy even gave her flowers. I think that she really felt like a princess!


Boe has moved on from wrestling to soccer. He loves it! He does really well at it and has a great time. His soccer coach is so cute! He is one of Boe's teammates grandpa. He is so sweet with the kids and they all just love him. Boe hasn't had an official game yet, but he loves to be out there practicing and scrimaging with his team.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


We had a great time in Arizona this spring break. We got to bring Wesley with us and all of the kids had a lot of fun. We left Thursday night at 7:30 and arrived in Bullhead City at 4 a.m. We caught a few hours of sleep and then went shopping and sight-seeing in Laughlin. The kids and grandma and I went swimming while Dan got caught up on his sleep. Later that evening after dinner we headed to Travis's house. The kids had a great weekend playing with their cousins. We went to a movie and Uncle Travis took the "marbles" off of Kamber's back. Monday morning we packed up and headed to Wikieup. We arrived at the Arizona house 5 minutes behind Mom and Dad. Perfect timing!

We went on lots of walks with Grandma and Grandpa.

The kids also thought that it was so much fun to throw rocks at the teddybear choyas. They even got to see the huge forrests of choyas that their parents had made by throwing rocks when they were their ages. The kids thought that was pretty cool, but I am pretty sure grandma Fisher was watching and cussing us for spreading those weed cactus's!

Grandpa gave all of the kids motorcyle rides. They thought that was great. They especially like the flame helmuts grandma and grandpa had. Even Dan got in on the action and gave each of the kids a ride.

Dan made sure to get in his exercise by riding the stationary bike under the carport. The kids thought it was pretty funny.

Boe and Wesley caught this lizard all by themselves. They were so proud. (It helped that the lizard had been injured somehow and couldn't see out of one eye and had a broken leg.)

The weather wasn't super warm, but once it got into the high 70s we decided it was warm enough to take the kids swimming. Mom and Dad found a really great place to swim at the Big Sandy. It was perfect for the kids. It wasn't even knee deep and it was all sand on the bottom. The kids had a blast.

There's a store in Wikieup called Dazzos. When people visit there they get to write on the walls. The kids thought it was pretty neat and they each wrote their names on the post outside. If you ever go to Wikieup, be sure to stop by and look for their names.

We left Wikieup on Friday morning and went down to Lake Havasu. We celebrated Mom's birthday. The kids had to help her blow out the candles because I was sneaky and bought trick candles to go on it.

We had a great spring break and made lots of fun memories. We want to thank Mom and Dad for the fun times and we will plan on coming again next year!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been sooooo busy! Boe had another wrestling tournament. He had a great time. He wrestled one of the same kids as last time and did a lot better against him. Then he wrestled a different kid. He still lost, but he went all three rounds. He won one round and lost the other two but they were very close. He got another medal, so he was really proud. He did great, and I think he really enjoys having his dad be his coach.

Kamber is in a dance class and just loving it. She asks everyday if she can go to dance, even though it is only twice a week. He recital is coming up on April 18th. She can't wait.