Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sledding Fun!

My brother Shay brought his new four-wheeler over to our house on Saturday so he could pull the kids around on a tube. Everyone had so much fun, and we can't wait for him to come again!

Marissa and Emily both came with him. Here is Maris looking so cute in her hat!

Boe had a great time riding on the tube. He did a really good job holding on. Uncle Shay did dump him a couple of times, but of course, he loved it!

I got the best wipe-out pictures! The blue coat and poof of snow is Kamber! Shay went around the corner and she went flying! She had the hardest time staying on the tube because she dosen't weigh very much. She loved every minute of it! We had so much snow, that it didn't hurt at all when you fell off, you just sunk six inches into the powder!

Thanks so much for the fun afternoon Shay!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kamber is 4!!

Kamber's birthday was on January 5. She found some barbie candies that she wanted put on her cake with purple frosting. She sure is easy to please. She thought it was great that she got to decorate her own cake. It made it easy for me too!

Happy birthday to you! Blow out your candles!

Kamber is very excited to be four. She now gets to be in Sunbeams. After a whole year of being 3 in nursery, she can't wait. She would have got to go on Sunday, but she got strep throat. She was very bummed, but excited to go this week.

Happy New Years!

We went to Dan's sister Cammie's house for New Years. We all had a great time. The kids played hide and go seek. The favorite place to hide was in the dryer! This is Kamber and her cousin Tiffany.

The boys had a great time playing the xbox. I think they would have played all night if we would have let them. It was great for us, because it kept them quiet and entertained while the adults played games. This is Boe and Cammie's son Kyle and her step-son Tyson. These three get along great!

We celebrated the New Year with the kids at 10:00. Then we put them to bed and the adults played games and chatted. Some of us weren't quite sure if we were going to make it to midnight. But we all did! This is Dan and our brother-in-law Brandan.