Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been sooooo busy! Boe had another wrestling tournament. He had a great time. He wrestled one of the same kids as last time and did a lot better against him. Then he wrestled a different kid. He still lost, but he went all three rounds. He won one round and lost the other two but they were very close. He got another medal, so he was really proud. He did great, and I think he really enjoys having his dad be his coach.

Kamber is in a dance class and just loving it. She asks everyday if she can go to dance, even though it is only twice a week. He recital is coming up on April 18th. She can't wait.

Fun with Cousins

The Ussings came for the week. The kids all had so much fun together playing and jumping on the trampoline.

Kamber and Jenna love playing together. They were on the trampoline for so long that their hair got all staticky.
Sarah and I went shopping for an evening. Dan got all of the kids put to bed. When Sarah and I got home J.T. and Luke were sleeping in the same bed. They are such cute brothers!

One day I had an extra babysitting kid, and Emily came over to play. We had a houseful, but everyone got along great! We can't wait for the Ussings to come again!

Monday, March 5, 2007


Boe had his first wrestling match on Saturday. He had a pretty good time. He lost both of his matches, but he didn't care because everyone got a medal. He is pretty proud of that medal and shows it to everybody and tells them that he got it because he wrestled so hard.