Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Love Kamber!!!

I just love having a girly-girl. Kamber is so much fun and is so sweet. We were at church on Sunday and there was an older lady sitting a couple of rows behind us. Kamber told me that she didn't have any family to sit with and asked if she could go and sit with her. So, she went back and sat by her and held her hand throughout sacrament meeting! She is always doing things like that. She comes home from pre-school telling me that there was a boy at school that was sad because he wanted to play with the toy bowling set and he didn't have a ball. Kamber said that she gave him hers so he would be happy! What a sweetheart! I am so lucky that she is my little girl!

Kamber LOVES to put on her play makeup. One day when Boe was at school, we put make-up on. We had so much fun together!

It is fun to attempt sewing when you daughter loves everything that you make for her. I made this swimming suit the other day and she wanted to wear it all day and kept giving me hugs and thanking me so much for making her a new swimming suit!

I feel so blessed that Kamber is my daughter and I love her very much!!