Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I am finally going to update my blog. So, if you have time, go ahead and enjoy. If you don't you better come back when you have more! :)


So we started out our summer by going on a cruise with two other couples. We were planning to go to the Mexican Riviera, but because of the swine flu we got re-routed to the Pacific Coastal. We got a good deal on it and it was so much fun!

The first thing we had to do was find our life jackets and all meet out on the deck by our life boats. Here is Dan and our friend Mike looking studly in their life jackets.

Here we are at our first port in San Francisco. Can you believe our huge ship? It was amazing!!

The food on the cruise was incredible. You could order anything on the menu. If you told them you couldn't decide between lobster or prime rib, they would bring you both!! We made sure we always took the stairs instead of the elevators so we didn't come back with an extra 20 pounds!!

One of the favorite things I did on our shore excursions was eat lunch at the top of the space needle. My friend Emillee and I went while our guys went deep sea fishing and our friend Heather met up with her sister-in-law. What an amazing time we had. It was definately a once in a lifetime opportunity!!
Us girls got our hair done in the salon for the formal night. We all felt so beautiful and we had a great time.

The entire ship was very elegant. I felt like I was on the Titanic with all the beautiful staircases. Dan looked handsome in his suit and it was so much fun to have a romantic date with him.

Here we all are. What a great time we had!! I am so glad we have such awesome friends to make fun memories with!!


We had a beautiful baby girl on July 8, 2009. Nettie was so special that we were only allowed to have her for an hour on this earth. It has been the hardest thing in our lives to have to bury our daughter, but we are so thankful for the gospel and knowing that we will be able to raise her and see her again. She was so special and you could feel her little spirit so strong.

We had a little prayer service for her in Rexburg, then we took her to Emmett to bury her with her namesake, my grandma Fisher.

We will always remember Nettie and we can't wait to be with her again!


We went to the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center this summer. It was a lot of fun.

The kids were able to feed the bears. They took all the bears out of the habitat and then gave the kids buckets of food. They go to hide it under rocks and plants.

This is the bear Sam. He came out after the kids left and found all the food they left for him. It was a great time.


We went to a rodeo also while we were in Island park. It was great.

Boe and Kaianna are waiting to ride a calf.

Boe did great. Except when the calf bucked him off he did a flip in the air and landed on his hip. He limped off the arena.

It was worth it to him, though, because he got a dollar. I think he would do anything for a dollar!!

Dan's little brother Nate got married at the San Diego Temple. We took the opportunity to make a family vacation out of it.

We all had so much fun playing on the Huntington beach.

My cousin Cameron let us borrow his body board. It was a blast to catch the waves in.

Kamber liked playing with the sand and searching for shells.


While we were in California, we had to go to Disneyland. What fun memories we made there!!

The first ride we went on was Star Wars. It was very cool and the kids loved it.

You have to wait in line now to be able to see the characters. Kamber really wanted to see some princesses. We saw Jasmine and this is as close as she got without waiting for a half hour. It was good enough for her!

The Indiana Jones ride was really cool. The line wasn't even too long!!

Splash Mountain is still definately my favorite. We bought the picture that you get at the end. I will scan it and post it soon! It's a classic!!

It got pretty hot in the afternoon. The kids could usually find shade while we waited in line for rides.

We ended the night by watching the fireworks. There was still a couple of hours left that the park was open after the fireworks, but our kids were begging to go home. They were exhausted. Next time we will definately make more time to spend two days at Disneyland. It really is the happiest place on earth!!


Nate's wife Cierra took her endowments out at the Newport, CA temple. It is a beautiful temple.

Nate's friends volunteered to babysit our kids so Dan and I were able to attend the session.

Dan was one of the groomsmen so he got to wear a tux and be in the wedding party. He looked very handsome!!

The San Diego Temple is beautiful. It looks like a castle!

Nate and Cierra had their reception at Cierra's dad's backyard. It was beautiful. I am so happy for them.

Well our summer was definately a roller coaster ride but we made a lot of memories.