Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Grass, No Teeth

We have been working so hard at getting our lawn in. It has turned out great. The sod is looking good and the sprinkler system works like a dream. We also painted our door and put on shutters. The littlest things make such a big difference!
Boe has lost both of his front teeth. He looks so cute!! Too bad, he didn't loose them at Christmas time!!

Dance, Dance, Dance

Kamber had her dance recital on Saturday. It was very cute. She did two dances. Sunshiny Day, and the Angels Cried. She had a lot of fun getting her hair done, wearing makeup, and getting in her costumes.

Babe Ruth

We have entered a new phase in our lives. It is called Babe Ruth. Boe has had so much fun playing baseball this year. He is playing coach pitch this year. He gets to play first base because he's about the only kid on his team that can catch. He absolutely loves it!

He got to play catcher the other day. He thought that was a lot of fun, too!


We had so much fun in Arizona this year. Dan wasn't able to come because of baseball. So, the kids and I were able to fly down. It was so much fun. The kids had never flown before so it was a great adventure for them!

Sarah let us borrow her kids Leapsters. They were a life-saver. Here are the kids in the Idaho Falls airport waiting for their turn to get on the plane.

We made it to Arizona and were able to celebrate my Mom's birthday. The next day the lizards were everywhere. The kids had a lot of fun trying to catch them.

Boe finally caught this lizard, twice. He was holding it the first time by the tail and the tail fell off! But, then he caught it again, even though it was missing it's tail!

After we left Wikieup, we went to Camp Verde. The kids had a lot of fun playing on the playground there. We also got to play miniature golf and they had a clubhouse with pool and kids toys and games.

They also had a swimming pool that we took advantage of. My mom and dad thought we were crazy to be going swimming in the cold. But, since it was snowing when we left Rexburg, seventy degrees felt hot to us!

While we were at Camp Verde, we went to a place called Out of Africa. It was so much fun. We got to go on a safari ride through alot of the animals.

As we were getting on the bus for the safari ride, they gave us each a carrot so we could feed the giraffes. It was amazing to be so close to the animals. The kids though the giraffes breath was very stinky. Now, when someone has bad breath, they say, "You have giraffe breath!!"

The kids really enjoyed looking at all the animals. Most of them were really close so we could see them really good.

They also had a program called Tiger Splash. The people would run around with different toys and try to get the tigers to follow them into the pool. It was amazing to watch them interact with people and to jump into the water.

In the Las Vegas Airport, on the way home, there were really cool sculptures of snakes and lizards and scorpions. The kids thought they were really neat.

When the kids and I got home from Arizona, my Uncle Ron, Aunt Kathy and Destiny were at our house. Uncle Ron was nice and gave all the kids rides on his motorcycle. We had fun visiting with them and with my cousin Cameron and his fiancee Nicole. We all had a great time.